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Takipsan is an RFID solution provider company, producing tailor made Hardware developing customized Software for textile industry. We develop different solutions to Retailers Manufacturers providing them total supply chain visibility real time data sharing.
Takipsan has 3 global brands;
1. U-Logs: U-Logs is a supply chain management solution for any retailer to digitalize their logistics operations, improving their efficiency managing it from one screen.
2. FlyRFID: FlyRFID is a global brand for Aviation Industry, especially providing solutions to managing highly valuable assets very risky contents such as chemicals.
3. Alarm ID: Alarm ID is an RFID anti-theft solution for retailers with three options.
a. It can be installed underground below carpets for luxury brands which don’t want any gates near store exits.
b. It can be installed overhead if the retailer doesn’t want any device near the exits but also wants the Anti-Theft system to be seen to avoid potential theft attempts.
c. It can be installed in both sides of the store exits similar to traditional security gates.
Takipsan is a top 500 IOT company in Turkey since 2015 increasing ranks rapidly each year. As a certified R&D company, Takipsan has many patents for different industry solutions as well as CE marks for its hardwares ISO certificates.
Takipsan carries out its operations from Izmir/Turkey through its HQ factory. Local projects reseller network are directed from Istanbul Sales Office. Takipsan also has a sales maintenance Office in Dhaka to provide service to Bangladesh South Eastern Asian ready-made garment manufacturers. Our 2021 2022 targets include opening regional offices in Spain Egypt.

Takipsan was established in Izmir in 2011 to provide services in IOT, Retail Store Applications Industrial Automation fields on the basis of RFID Technology.


  • We deliver all of our products all over the world in a short time.

  • We make it easy for you to reach a solution with the right products for you.

  • We always follow offer you the most up-to-date technology in our products.

  • We are aware of developing in the business world achieved by serving better.

  • We are always ready to support you with our expert engineers.

  • For many years, we offer the most up-to-date technology all over the world globally.

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It is a big opportunity, especially for big volume companies to render real-time product tracking possible to increase the consistency of increasing data to the new-age smart systems.

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