Auto Service Tracking System – RFID UHF

UHF RFID technology enables remote and instant vehicle status interrogation, checking every step of the processes of the vehicle.

UHF RFID Technology Benefits

  • Wireless remote readout of vehicle transitions using UHF RFID technology.
  • Automatic access to vehicle information.
  • Ability to provide accurate flow of vehicle status information to customers with instant follow-up
  • Accurate estimation of service times of vehicles.
  • Service on time for vehicles.
  • Providing reliable vehicle condition monitoring with high readability.
  • Reduction of faults in the vehicle tracking process.
  • Reduce the total cost of operation.

Vehicle Access Control Software Content

The capabilities and contents of the software to be prepared within the vehicle access control system are listed below. Apart from these contents, desired sections and contents can be prepared and integrated at an additional fee.

  • Easy to read thanks to UHF RFID identification system.
  • Ease of calculating vehicle delivery times
  • Low application and maintenance cost
  • Low power consumption
  • Enhanced features
  • It allows to receive warnings during unauthorized transitions.
  • Alerts can be managed.
  • High precision
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