RFID Bus Station Features:

The BUS station stands out from all competitors with its superior reading performance and ease of integration. Highly engineered RF caustic structure provides 99% read performance with RFID performance readings. The BUS Station features a high-quality aluminum and a specially designed belt structure to provide a durable casing for the passage of your loads.

The BUS Station features a high-quality aluminum and a specially designed belt structure to provide a durable casing for the passage of your loads. The belt structure with engine brake system makes a sudden stop in an emergency.The speed controlled control system allows the products coming from a different band to pass to the conveyor belt synchronously. The conveyor has a forward and reverse bi-directional motor system, which makes it easy to integrate different applications. Touch screen structure makes it easy to use with keyboard and mouse. The lights on the machine, the blue interior light at the moment of reading and the lights showing the band direction give information about the status of the BUS Station. 180 ° rotation of the screen is important for the management of the machine in two directions. The on-screen USB ports, network cable input, bluetooth, wireless and integrated camera will accelerate many operations. Thanks to special software, EPC numbers that are read easily integrate into your system. By separating the upper body, you can integrate your existing tape.


Gövde Ölçüleri Uzunluk: 330cm Genişlik: 90cm Yükseklik: 190cm
Koli Geçiş Ölçüleri Uzunluk: 120cm Genişlik: 65cm Yükseklik: 62cm
Ağırlık 200kg / ±15kg
Gövde Materyali Alüminyum
Çalışma Sıcaklığı +10 ºC ile +30 ºC
Nem 5% ile 65%
Motor Gücü 0.55kW / 1360rpm
Güç Girişi 230v – 400v
Bant Hızı Yavaş: 0,03m/sn Hızlı: 0,43m/sn
Bant Materyali Kauçuk
Koli içi Max Okuma Ad. 500 ad.


İşlemci Markası Intel 2 GHz
RAM Kapasitesi 4 GB-DDR3
Ekran Boyu 15.6 inch
Ekran Mod 10 Noktalı Dokunmatik
Disk Kapasitesi 500 GB
Bağlantı Özellikleri Com Port, Wireless, LAN, USB 2.0 ve 3.0, Ethernet
İşletim Sistemi Windows 8.1, Linux


RFID Protokolü GS1/EPCglobal UHF Gen2 (ISO 18000-6C)
Çalışma Frekansı 865.6MHz – 867.6MHz
Çıkış Gücü +10.0 to +31.5 dBm
Max Alış Hassasiyeti -84 dBm
Min Geri Dönüş Kaybı 10 dB
API LLRP, C, C++, Java, and C# libraries
Network DHCP, Static
GPIO 4 Giriş – 4 Çıkış
RF Çıkış Portu 4/2 Port
Yoğun Okuma Modu Var
Özel Alan Okuma TID, User, Reserved


Anten Tipi Dairesel
Anten Kazancı 5 dBi
Anten Ölçüleri 38cm x 38cm x 1cm
Anten Frekansı 865MHz – 867MHz
Anten Ağırlığı 1.116kg
Anten Besleme Tipi SMA
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