RFID Child Club Systems

With the start of the holiday season, people who want to release the stress of the whole year throw themselves into holiday resorts. One of the biggest factors that will make your holiday comfortable is that you feel your children are safe during your holiday.

One of the greatest services that hotel operators can offer to their customers is the kids’ clubs. A hotel that has a good kids’ club can be the reason why you are preferred by more customers. Takipsan IT have made an excellent breakthrough in this area and have developed a smart kids’ club management system.

This intelligent RFID-based system consists of server computers with high processing capacity, UHF RFID antennas and a control unit.
Through the card or bracelet given to the children, all information belonging to your child is recorded in a system and monitored by our intelligent software at any time. With this software, you can identify if he/she is allergic, knows how to swim or not, forbid/access any area and you can keep track of children.
And you can do it all in a very short time via the kid’s club management interface, which is very simple to use. When an emergency occurs, the system alerts you and ensures that you are aware of the situation.

General Description:
We intend to inform the Competent Person in case the children leave the place where they are in the system. RFID bracelets to be used in the operation of the system will make it possible to reach a lot of information about children instantaneously.

System Goals:

  • Preventing the children of our club from leaving their place without our knowledge by the Child Tracking System.
    Ensure that the relevant personnel are informed about children’s information such as allergies, drug use and illness by the monitors in specified locations
  • To be able to determine the products consumed by children and to make reports according to the desired criteria (age, nationality, sex, etc.).
  • Identifying toys for your children and directing them to the related game section when they arrive to the club.
  • It is possible to reach all the information of the child by the mobile readers even if they are out of the children’s club. (Infirmary, Pool, Beach V.B.)
  • Mailing to the parents when the children enter the club and evaluating of the friendship levels of the children.

How does the system work?

RFID UHF Labels are located on the wristbands. Thanks to these wristbands, the locations that the children pass through are determined by the antennas and RFID readers which are placed at the doors of the specified locations within the hotel.
For example, in the case where the child wants to go to another room from the room where he/she was, the doors he/she passes through appears momentarily in the system thus the position is determined. All the data in the system are transferred to Cloud Servers on the Internet instantly. By the parents or the personnel in the field are instantly informed about the location children are, the frends they are with, the food they have and all other data via the mobile devices. For example the attendants in the dining rooms may have the information about the food the child has to have. Also the attendants in the infirmary may have access to the personal informations about the child. 95% Reading Performance is obtained in RFID UHF Reading Systems.

RFID Kids Club Tracking Software Content:

The capabilities and contents of the software included in the system are listed below.
• Identification of children to the system
• Personal and private information
• Critical situation follow-up
• Flexible Input-Output Motion Definitions
• Daily Report Mailers
• Working with multiple waypoints
• Bracelet identification and matching
• Network-Based Usage
• Export from Excel & Export to Excel
• Multi User Support
• Backup-Recovery
• Identifying Flexible Fields
• Authority Rights Mechanism
• User Friendly Display
• Abundant Reporting

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