RFID Laundry Solutions

The biggest problem of the textile industry is that it is difficult to trace the products numerically and in terms of the operations to be done. One of the places where this difficulty is most experienced is laundry. It is difficult to know all the processes such as washing, drying, ironing, etc. in large laundries with care and knowing which products have passed in which stages.
Takipsan IT follows every stage of this process perfectly by placing resistant RFID labels and chips that are resistant to all the harsh conditions such as high temperature, pressure and water to every product.
We prepare brief information in the form of question and answer for you. Below you will find the most curious information about the system.


Our labels are designed to be used at 200 °C.

Our labels can be washed 200 times and guaranteed for 3 years

We designed our labels to withstand 60 bars of pressure in the process of pressing your textile products.

RFID UHF Chip labels are installed according to the availability of the uniforms.

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