RFID Product Management

RFID technology allows you to reach the needed database faster and effortlessly to increase production efficiency and ensure its continuity. With real-time monitoring of production, you can manage your processes more accurately by analyzing the data from workstations and units on a per-product basis.

The raw material and semi-finished products of the product will also help you to correctly evaluate the materials and all other resources to be followed. Thanks to RFID applications, you can see shrinkage, errors, cuts and narrow strains on your production line at the end of the production process or not at intervals, but instantly on the spot and on time. Accurate measurement of the capacity with the detailed data to be obtained will greatly benefit your business development by constantly improving productivity and by developing a balanced plan of your production lines and developing appropriate methods.

The use of RFID technology in production processes;

  • Provides continuous and true data on time, quality and workforce issues,
  • Provides the ability to perform analyzes with real and immediate data instead of statistical data,
  • Allows you to detect standby, fire and mistakes at the source,
  • Helps you to make your quality control processes more efficient,
  • Allows you to evaluate station and operator performances more quickly and precisely,
  • Enables efficient use of the capacitor,
  • The raw material controls the direct flow on the line of the semi-finished product,
  • Enables instantaneous reporting of all disruptions to the authorized agent.
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