RFID Sport Saloon (Trackgym) Management

What can cahange with a bracelet?

Imagine !..

Fitness consultants will now save members’ work schedules in a computerized database, not paper cards. By very detailed and professionally prepared recording process, there are lots of information about the working progress like how many repeats on which station at which level etc.

With this system;

Our members will not have to search for, carry with them and manually write their training results on program cards beforehand, instead focus on their workouts. The screen on the fitness equipment will show the details of the training to our member who shows his wristband and can easily start training. All the training in our sports centers will be recorded in detail in the database and can be instantly reported by the fitness consultant, nutrition consultant and management.

Let’s examine how this system works in detail! …

Calorie calculations and statistics are very important in terms of member weight. The weight of the members up to 10 days before start of the training should be in the system. If the current weight is not found in the database when the member starts training, he or she will be directed to the intelligent scale.
The member makes the intelligent scale read the wristband and automatically saves the current weight to the database. Now everything is ready to begin training.
The training set by the member’s fitness advisor is pre-recorded in the database of the related fitness equipments and these fitness equipments are waiting for the member to come.

Before the member starts training, he makes the training instrument read the wristband and if he is trying to train with an unspecified training instrument, a warning is displayed on the screen: “This Training Tool is not defined in your training, you need to start with your training machine 1” thus will be protected from the harmful effects. Our member, who is directed to the initial fitness equipment, starts training by seeing the training planned by the fitness advisor for that fitness equipment.
If the training will be started by an exerciser in the cardio area (Eg. Treadmill), the system automatically choose the slope, aimed heart beat, time, speed etc. chosen by the fitness advisor. The member can create custom programs with different names and save them in the database, where he / she can easily access this program with one touch of his / her future. Exercise information and heart rhythm are recorded in the database throughout the training.
On the manual exercisers that work by the weight and pulley principles, our members make the machine read their card and the information about the sets, weight amount and repetition numbers are monitored. The user adjusts these and start training. The weight and repetition time are detected automatically and recorded. Sets, repetitions, durations and correctness are monitored instantaneously by the system. If the user is making a mistake during the training, informations such as: “try slow”, “not working with proper weight” can be monitored. Thus all our members are trained just like their advisor is with them.
All training information of the member who has finished working in the exerciser is automatically recorded in the database and automatically directed to the next exerciser designated by the fitness consultant.
The member also can save their daily training instantly by the kiosk in advanced stations.


All our members can review training information, calorie status, receive messages from the fitness advisor, and get to the management’s news and announcements very quickly.

Fitness and Nutrition Consultant:

They can follow the performance of the members instantly, alert the members who are not in training, etc., and can make detailed analyzes to increase their training continuity.


They can see the participation of the members, the performance of the staff and the use of the equipment. These reports can easily make strategic planning in the light.

System Components:

  • RFID Bracelet

    Bracelets worn by members are used to identify members by the exercisers. Besides sports activities, it can be used as a payment tool or automatic entry / exit control. Our members who forget their wristband can be prevented from interrupting their workouts by giving a daily wristband at the reception.

  • Terminals

    All terminals are equipped with RFID reader, color touchscreen and wireless connectivity. The cardio rhythm of the members can be remotely detected with the cardio band sensor integrated on the terminal as an extra.
    Terminals receiving data from sensors connected to equipments with a cable weight device also receive data from these exercisers transmitting digital information.

  • Kiosks

    Kiosks works independently of exercisers and allow members to record their programs, participate in team sports, free-weight exercises and other activities such as running and swimming.

  • Smart Scales:

    Our members allow their weight to be recorded in the database by their bracelets.

  • Cloud Server

    The heart of the system is hosted on fast and secure servers with cloud technology server architecture and managed by professionals. You do not have to deal with hardware and software problems for your server.

  • Advertisement and Content Sub-Structure

    All exercisers can be used to display advertisements outside of use. Ad publishing can provide a substantial budget. With ad management software, we can centrally plan ads for all our sports facilities. In our screens, a lot of content can be published in the interactive content (news, weather, exchange rate information etc.). Our members email us. some content can be reached at the allowed size

System Considerations

By this system, the members will not need paper and pencils to keep the record of their exercise programs.
When they return to their homes, they can watch their work from their computers or their mobile devices, and record their activities outside the facility. They can communicate with their advisors and get quick answers to their questions.
Members who experience a smart exercise experience become more tied to clubs and sports, and the rate of referral to other people increases.
Fitness Advisors will determine the most suitable program for the member by examining the old program and member performance, while they are creating a program for the members. Because programs and records are kept on the computer, the member does not waste any time searching for program cards.
With automatic reports, they can reach the falling members and increase their motivation. They can develop new activities according to the tendencies of the members.
Managers can reach detailed statistics about the members, staff, and equipment usage. They can make use of this information while setting their strategies and making important decisions

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