RFID technology, which automatically identifies objects using radio frequency, basically consists of labels and readers.

One of the most important details in RFID applications is the choice of the correct label. Factors such as operating ambient conditions, placement of products to be labeled, raw materials of the material, and the target reading distance directly influence the choice of label.
In addition, special label selection may be required in the RFID system if additional features such as labels that can be printed on, large memory capacity, demanding conditions and resistance to temperatures are sought.
Our company designs label antennas in various sizes which can be used in different areas.

The RFID tags are detected by the reader when they enter the reading area and are sent wirelessly and unconnected to the reader through radio frequency (RF) signals to the reader via the information reader included in the chip’s own code and the antenna in the label.

etiket tasarimiThe chip on the label is selected according to EPCglobal Class 1 Gen 2 and ISO / IEC 18000-6C standards. The maximum distance for the reader to communicate with the antenna is calculated by the Friis equation. Our label antenna is designed with 2 W ERP (Effective Radiation Power) in the range of UHF (866-869 MHz) and at least 2.2 m.
The geometric shape and size of the antenna are determined and the simulation results are taken. When the good values ​​are obtained, the prototype stage of the antenna design is passed. Then the antenna is tested and measured and the simulation results are compared. Arrangements are made if necessary.

Thanks to our label antenna design researches, instead of the labels supplied from abroad, a high performance local tag antenna was created.

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It is a big opportunity, especially for big volume companies to render real-time product tracking possible and to increase the consistency of increasing data to the new-age smart systems.

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