RFID Textile Sample Tracking

Sample Tracking Solutions developed specifically for textile companies who want to follow the samples by Takipsan, offer their users the opportunity to follow both physical and real-time.

Not only Takipsan provides RFID labels and RFID hand terminals for the specimen tracking projects, but also develops the mobile and desktop softwares.

The RFID tags placed on the samples are physically tracked from the archiving process until the delivery to the customer. The system allows customers to appreciate and reclassify the products appreciated by the customer or returned from the customer; it also reveals how much product the designer has produced and how appreciated these products are. The application also gives the opportunity to analyse salesperson data such as sales amount or other performance data and serves the customer for the reports such as top selling points.

Due to the high production activities of the samples, the application prevents the samples from being lost by determining where the sample is physically located and offers the opportunity to minimize the costs.

Sample tracking can be done with the software developed by Takipsan on the web, or via mobile platforms with IOS or Android according to the needs of the user carrying the sample.

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