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RFID Logistics Management

RFID Logistics Management

In logistics management, it is vital that the right product can be delivered to the right customers at the right time.
Takipsan, with its domestic production equipment software, prevents incorrect shipments, provides the right number of products to the right warehouses centers, provides correct support for the management of strategic decision-making supply chain management.

Thanks to the automation at the points of shipment, the energy saved here is used more effectively at different points in the factory by saving time labor which is very valuable

Takipsan offers detailed reports in the pursuit of uniquely identified objects with RFID chip labels makes it possible to track a company’s shipments in multiple different loading centers in real time. All shipments of the company; lots of information including deadlines, amount even past shipments can be easily tracked from any in the world in real time with a web page a mobile application.

Today, Takipsan shares its experience knowledge over 150 factories logistic centers has a mission of developing with the biggest retail logistic companies of the world.


U-Logs is a global RFID logistics management system that is being used as a solution for both retailers ready-made garment manufacturers for years. It helps companies to save manpower time, resulting with decreased costs increased sustainability. This system consists of an RFID device, Software Web Portal.

With this system, retailers can start Supply Chain automation from the manufacturer’s factory, enabling real time data sharing, thus total supply chain visibility.

  1. Hardware: U-Logs’s hardware portfolio has rich variable options as solutions to different type of products. They are being used in many warehouses, factories logistics centers since last decade to provide live data supply chain visibility.

  2. Software: U-Logs’s software was developed by channeling years of experience in textile industry requirements of modern supply chain visibility to a cloud based solution. It gathers the information from the RFID Tagged Items sends it to the cloud server that information becomes a usable data for the retailer manufacturer.

  3. Web Portal: U-Logs’s web portal provides total supply chain visibility to all U-Logs System Users. Each user has its own account uses a web browser to log in to the web portal. The raw data created by the software becomes a usable data after data processing. With this new meaningful data, users can reports, evaluate efficiencies organize planning of future shipments.

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It is a big opportunity, especially for big volume companies to render real-time product tracking possible to increase the consistency of increasing data to the new-age smart systems.

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