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RFID Weighing Systems

RFID Weighing Systems

Intelligent Unmanned Weighbridge

One of the most difficult jobs of our day is undoubtedly transportation. Particularly in mines, concrete plants, etc., this is becoming even more difficult due to environmental conditions.

In general, the system in a mine starts with the loading of the material to be transported to the truck. The truck comes to the weighing station. They wait there for a while. The officer in the weighing station records the weight of the moment. Even a receipt is printed thosereceipts have to be kept. In order to ensure that the consistency progress reports are accurate, copies of the receipts are given to the person carrying out the transaction.

All of these transactions will take a long time. Especially in busy companies, these waiting times causes long queues in front of the weighbridge stations, less time for each truck, even arguments due to the stress of the waiting process.

Now, consider a system that does all this alone. Takipsan Information Technologies has done this for you. Takipsan, which is a leader in systems such as parking, aviation, laundry, especially textile, provides intelligence for operators with Akilli Kantar.

Let’s take a step-by-step look at how Akilli Kantar works. Our engineers place RFID antennas in designated locations. Within these antennas, a microcomputer storage units are connected to the control unit. The trucks semi-trucks are labeled with the Akilli Kantar intelligent weighbridge vehicle glass label. Labeling consists of two parts: the windshield of the vehicle the damper.

Since the truck to be weighed begins to approach the weighbridge station, RFID antennas will detect the vehicle wait for its weight. At the same time, the driver will be informed by the driver information system via an LED display that can be easily seen. Once the vehicle is fully placed on the weighbridge, the weight will be expected to stabilize. After the weight is stabilized, it is recorded on the plate information of the vehicle together with the tag read the driver is warned that the process is done.

All of this is stored in the database for a long time. You can reach your data anytime you want. In addition, all your information is backed up stored on a daily basis. Thus, in the event of a disruption due to natural human conditions, you can quickly access the most up-to-date information continue to use your system with confidence without loss of data. Moreover, Akilli Kantar can do all these operations alone.
Akilli Kantar has a user friendly interface. The intelligent weighbridge web interface can be easily used through any web browser. If you connect to the Internet your local network, you can manage your system your saved data wherever you are in the world.

RFID Intelligent Scale System

This system has been developed by the necessity of controlling the tare weight, filler load exit weighing of the trucks unmanned without error.


  • Stickers on the vehicle window are disposable. Once it is removed from it was attached, it loses its property. The label chips are resistant to external conditions has a high safety.

  • MonzaR6 stickers on the windscreen ensure that the coverage area of optional field between 1-20 meters of detection range.

  • You can access your data at any time, control remotely access daily, monthly, weekly annual reports without being connected to any database.


  • It reduces the work force cost by removing the need for an operator.

  • RFID provides vehicle identification.

  • Prevents unauthorized vehicle entry.

  • The Led display directs the driver.

  • Accelerates weighing operations.

  • Automatic weighing can be monitored at any time.

  • Provides filling control to prevent incomplete overloaded installations.

  • Reduces paperwork with daily, weekly, monthly annual reporting.

  • Provides fast reliable recordings thanks to the integration of vehicle recognition weighing operations.

  • Archiving back-up of records is possible.

How does it work?

  • The vehicle enters the area.

  • The tare information of the vehicle is read transmitted to the server.

  • The RFID tag on the car window is read the vehicle information is monitored on the screen.

  • The software checks the vehicle information.

  • If the vehicle information is valid, the weight is read the weighing is recorded.

  • The weighing operation is notified to the driver through the led screen with all steps.


  • Passive RFID tags work without loss of energy efficiency due to battery free feature.

  • The system detects the stopping of the vehicle by the weight control starts the weighing process remove the mistakes.

  • Rain, snow, storm, etc. adverse weather conditions adverse environment such as mud, dust, humid environment working conditions do not prevent the system from functioning.

  • The system is managed by a single center. This central control system contains structures RFID control, LED routing, analysis modules.

  • Vehicles can be accessed, instantly filtered report by hundreds of different reports according to many details include plate, model, color, year of production etc.

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